About To Blow: ’’Their sound sits in the middle ground between electronic, pop & alternative music. Smooth production & summer-time connotations are the key.’’
Pop Matters: ‘’Electropop loaded to the brim with great hooks…. Latest single should nestle comfortably next Rudimental and Penguin Prison within your collection."
Wonderland: ‘’..Look set to take the world by storm and you heard it here first folks!’’ 
Oh * es * tee: ‘’An upbeat electronic pop gem with a light dance vibe that would fit perfectly during the climax of a night at a sweaty club.’’
Musique Buffet: ‘’A love like kerosene’ ha tutti I numeri al posto giusto, bel sound, il master di Stuart Hawkes’’
Hidden Herd: ‘’Francesco Samarelli’s soulful croon holds a wonky allure over its smooth R&B influenced refrain. But there’s enough off kilter hooks to hint at a hidden depth to the band, namely the curveball bridge which shows they share the same penchant for restrained prog as Alt J and the like.‘’
Indiebean: ‘’They have a truly unique sound..’’
FameMag: ‘’ ..finding a special soft dance sound, coming from the heart to the mind.’’